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Why work at My Girlfriend's 开奖官网计划直播?

Alexandria, the owner of My Girlfriend's 开奖官网计划直播 has worked in retail for over 14 years. Alexandria has used her past experiences at various big box stores to shape how employees are treated. Taking the best things from the various stores, and leaving the worst, but not forgetting them.

My Girlfriend's 开奖官网计划直播 always keeps their employees at front of mind. Schedules done for an entire month at a time, a good working atmosphere, clear expectations, and more!

"I know first hand that an unhappy employee doesn't want to be at work or give their best. I want my employees to enjoy being at work. I always treat them how I wish I would have been treated at my previous retail jobs." -Alexandria


Sales Associate
Position Status: Closed but we're always accepting applications!

We're looking for a fun and motivated person to join our team! Working at a women's clothing boutique is always interesting because new items arrive daily, so it's never the same day twice. Customer service skills are extremely important to us, our consignors, and our customers. We strive to make sure everyone enjoys their time in our store, and feels welcome. We're looking for someone who is knowledgable on brands and designers, 18 or older, and can follow written and verbal directions. 

$12 an hour

-10 hours of PTO each year
-Reimbursed parking for week day hours (when parking in the White Rose parking lot)
-Employee discount
-Yearly raises & bonuses (as long as employee record is in good standing)

Hour Requirements:
Part time, up to 20 hours (at times.)
Sundays, Thursdays, some Saturdays

Perform duties of daily operations including (but not limited to):
-assisting customers
-assisting consignors
-opening & closed the store
-social media posts
-updating the website
-and more!

Perform Housekeeping/ maintenance tasks including (but not limited to):
-dust/mopping under racks
-updating displays when items sell
-moving items to and from storage areas in store
-and more!

Physical Requirements:
-be able to stand for extended periods of time
-lift objects of up to 50 pounds
-distinguish colors

Please fill out the information below & upload your resume in PDF format.

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